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Should You Really Get a Puppy?

Most of the time we ask, “how much is that puppy in the window” without thinking about what kind of dog is it going to grow up to be? Very few of us take the time to do some research and reflection on what life will be like with a certain kind of dog. Looking for a puppy takes time and work, but by doing so you will find the breed that is most suited to you and your lifestyle.

Should I get this puppy is a question that you should ask yourself every time you see that perfect little face with those beautiful eyes just begging you to take it home? The answer could easily be yes, if you have done some research and looked into the particular breed. There is a puppy for every person and every lifestyle, it just takes time to look and search.

1. You still sneak in your itty-bitty dog to watch Beverly Hills Chihuahua, but (gasp) you opt for the matinee instead of the evening show.
2. You try to fool your canine chowhound by switching from premium meaty treats to cheaper, wheat-filled biscuits, but the (canine) nose knows.
3. You try to fool your cat by mixing sand from the local beach into the unscented commercial litter in the box – giving a new meaning to a bout with crabs.
4. You skip your dog’s grooming appointment by adopting a DIY attitude that results in your Bichon looking more like a bug-eyed owl in a windstorm.

Many of us get swept up in the romance of a certain breed, maybe it is their color, and their size or they are a reminder of a story or movie we have just read or seen. The romance in picking a puppy is sort of like that romance you feel when you have met someone whom is the epitome of wonderfulness, that is until you get to know them better. Picking the wrong puppy can give you the same let down.

People put more thought into buying a computer than they do in getting a puppy. A computer you plug into an electrical socket, a puppy you have to feed, train, walk and have a relationship with. A puppy does not sit in one place, they make messes and will chew up anything you leave laying around and yet, people do not think twice about getting one, even if it is the wrong one.

There is so much to consider when getting a puppy that most people do not even consider or anticipate. Even that cute little mongrel at the pet shelter is going to grow into some kind of dog and will be carrying marks of a particular breed, so you have to be prepared.

What are some of the things you should be considering when you go puppy hunting?

If you have small children you need to seek a different breed than you would have to consider if your children were young adults. For example, a Border Collie is not a dog to have around small children. The breed is used as sheep herding dogs and the instinct in a Border Collie would be to herd the wee ones into groups with nipping and barking most of the time, just as they would sheep. Border Collies are very well behaved dogs, but are very energetic, require a great deal of exercise and left to their own devices can become home wreckers.

If you have other pets, some breeds do not get along with cats or other dogs. Some breeds like Retrievers or spaniels were bred to hunt and get birds, if you have a bird or two you might end up with them missing. Sighthounds such as greyhounds have been bred to hunt small game; a favorite rabbit or cat could easily be considered small prey by this breed and other sighthounds.

Weather is another consideration if you live in a hot climate Pugs and other push-faced breeds need air conditioning in hot humid weather. Dogs of the north like Siberian Huskies love the colder it gets, while short-coated, thin-legged dogs like Greyhounds and Whippets need coats and boots. Consider your weather when looking for a puppy.

Exercise is something else to keep mind, are you a runner or a walker and love to be outdoors, then there is a breed for you. Greyhounds, Border Collies and Jack Russell Terriers would love to join you in your outdoor activities and there are many other breeds that are perfect for outdoor activities. The size of a dog does not matter when it comes to the amount of exercise it needs, a Saint Bernard does not need much exercise, but a small poodle needs its walk every day.

Do you work all day and come home fairly late? Some breeds do not take well to being alone all day. The Bijon Frise does not like to be alone any for any length of time and an Italian Greyhound needs potty breaks more often than most other dogs. Some dogs take to crate training better than others, and can handle being alone while you are at work. Others will find mischief to get into if left alone for long periods, chewing things can be a big problem.

Checking to see how trainable the breed you pick is another consideration. Sporting and herding dogs seem to be more trainable as they were bred to work with humans. Hounds and Terriers are a bit more resistant as they were bred to hunt independently and Beagles and Basset Hounds have minds of their own when out walking and they find a bush they like the scent of. Getting then to acknowledge your commands can tax your patience.

Grooming is another thing that is important to consider. Can your budget stand the frequent trips to the groomer? Shedding can make life miserable, we had a Samoyed that shed all the time, no matter how much we brushed him and even after he died we found “Lobo hairs” around the house.

Health issues are another thing to consider when adopting a puppy. Most breeds are fairly healthy, while other breeds have a shorter life span and some have significant health problems due to the breeding. Short-faced breeds have palate problems, some dogs have spinal problems like Dachshunds, some dogs suffer from hip dysplasia, cockers and other long-eared dogs have ear problems. You need to study your preferred breed and be aware of normal problems.


Things To Consider Before Bringing Home a Dog

cute_puppyBefore you rush into owning a dog, here are some thing you should consider. These might help you decide on which breed of a dog you want and if you really should get a dog in the first place!

Question 1:

Who is the pet for? Or more importantly Who will look after it?… how old or capable is the owner of your new fury (or scaly/slippery) friend? If you are buying it for a child think about wether they are really going to take responsibility for feeding, walking and cleaning poops etc. If you’re a mum of a few young kids do you really need the extra work or are you quite happy to take on a few extra chores for the sake of all those extra cuddles.

Question 2:

Another thing to consider if you have kids is How long will the pet live? The age of pets vary considerably. A goldfish could only last a few years (or in my case when I was 7 … “Bob” lasted 2 days after buying him at my school fair), whereas a friend of mine has a cat that’s turning 20 this year! So I guess the question is: can you explain death to your child or are you willing to take on the responsibility when the kids move out?.

Question 3:

How much exercise and attention do they need? Some breeds of dogs while looking gorgeous require a huge amount of exercise … eg. A Siberian Husky needs over and hour running each day at least and if not taken out will destroy your backyard! Also a hairy cat such as a Persian, while they look beautiful require lots of grooming, so answer these questions honestly and you’ll choose a pet right for you and enjoy them more too. Will they be alone for long periods of time? Some animals can’t handle longs periods on their own and will become destructive if left alone. Perhaps buying 2 cats mean they’ll have each other to play with.

Question 4:

How much will they cost? Some larger breed dogs can cost more than $35 a week to feed, so consider if your budget allows for that … also factor in vaccinations, set up costs like bedding, council registration, obedience training, regular flea control, vet visits, pet insurance etc.

Question 5:

What happens when you go away on holidays? Kennel costs for cats and dogs can be a big extra cost come holiday time …or will a family member or friend be happy to baby sit.

Grooming Your Pets

Dog shear is a set of tools for the owners to shape the fur of his/her little pooch. Consider getting dog shear for the little critter if his fur becomes long in an instance. The neatness of the pets is also a reflective characteristic of the owner.

Dog shear tools can be used for cats and other furry pets as well. If you are interested in the little details of pet care, then attain the necessary tools from your nearest pet store. You can have more options in trimming and dressing up your little pooch with the trimming kit together with brush, combs and other cleaning items.

Do not forget to buy a good shampoo when dealing with husky grooming. Consumption dry towels and mustache dryer to completely dry the fur. If you are regard approximately the wellbeing of the not very pooch’s fur, so therefore wash on selected being fur conditioning gel otherwise proceeding with the process.

You can take your beloved pooch to pet grooming sessions in the sphere of suppose being think about outlets or else save a duo of bucks by liability the duty by hand. On behalf of case in point, you can download the crucial guidelines from the Internet to suitably pare and scratch your pooch’s fur.

Being fur trimming is vital on behalf of the pooch for the reason that it can cool down the not very guy’s body heat on behalf of the summer. Flake the complete body is a delightful way of scheming the cook in the sphere of the animals.

Near are selected lofty trimmers unfashionable near and I was contemplating getting single and attempting it again but so therefore I happened to run across a picture of what did you say? Happened a duo years before. As a substitute I pulled out up the phone and called the groomer on behalf of an appointment to retain her trimmed in the sphere of a duo of months. I unwavering I didn’t absence to take several likelihood of not getting in the sphere of otherwise it got really strong. I swear my dog looked by the side of me gratefully later than I hung up, and my daughter still won’t accede to me pare her bangs!

Northern breed such as the husky may benefit from the whole-body shaving process in order to maintain a cool temperature in tropical climates. These large pooches have trouble acclimatizing with warm weather because they are born and bred in snowy temperatures. Not only to cool the animal down, but it may possibly act as a life saver because these types of large northern pooches may fall sick in hotter temperature as the weather becomes unbearable for them to cope with the heat.

Finding Someone To Watch Over Your Dog

You deserve to go on a real vacation-take a week off to relax and detoxify your mind and body evert once in a while. Any average Joe or Jane might already be packing upon reading my persuasive words, however if you’re a pet owner, you may respond with a defeated shrug of your shoulders and a sigh thinking “I wish! But I can’t bring my dog along with me without getting stressed out looking after him!” Well then, that dilemma of yours is precisely why I’ve penned this article. I’m here to offer you a solution in the form of Pet Sitting.

If you can’t acquire a trusted associate before private element to look similar to your beloved pooch before cat, it’s worth making an allowance for expert service. But if you’re like me, your pet is at the same time as of great consequence to you at the same time as a product to his nurse. I own a Siberian husky myself and I can’t seem to leave him with entirely anybody and liveliness on a excursion with freedom from strife of mind. I simply need to tell somebody to indeed the person who looks similar to him is talented, loving, and accountable. Calling on behalf of a pet sitter can be present at the same time as clear-cut at the same time as looking up a figure and calling on behalf of lone, but and it’s not at the same time as clear-cut at the same time as so as to. Nearby are a few things to bear in the field of mind once hiring a pet sitter.

Of prime value would be present your husky puppies’ nutritional needs. Like all living things, husky puppies require sufficient nourishment and ample dampen to develop into healthy adults. Failure to provide on behalf of such needs can consequence in the field of famine and stunted growth. Husky puppies require a healthy amount and variety of protein sources. Ideally, such sources be supposed to include pallid meat and fish. Dog food is greatest prepared fresh although business ones are and readily accessible on behalf of your husky puppies’ consumption. To ensure a healthy coat of fur at the same time as well at the same time as healthy nails, you would and be present obligatory to supply your husky puppies with fish grease. Canned sardines can be present a pretty talented source at the same time as it often contains a substantial amount of Omega 3.

And, your puppies’ level of hygiene needs to be present taken charge of. Different to widespread belief, huskies prepare not require a prodigious deal of grooming. In the field of actuality, no more than a negligible every day amount of coiffure is obligatory. However, prepare take memo so as to as a rule huskies shed whiskers profusely in the region of two era a time. For the duration of such situations, spare charge is obligatory. Consult your regional vet if you are unsure of how to charge on behalf of your husky puppies for the duration of such era.

A few population spirit opt to entirely leave their pets in the field of an living thing boarding apartment (not quite at the same time as upmarket at the same time as living thing hotels) before kennels. But so as to kind of normal up brings so much stress to the animals themselves and there’s really nix assure how much charge your pet spirit acquire. If you call on behalf of a pet sitter, they can approach to your to your place and look similar to your beloved critter in the field of the comfort of your own to your place. As a rule animals, especially cats and dogs, succeed and depend broadly with their logic of smell. Both new-found place brings a flood of new-found and special smells. They spirit need schedule to scour in the region of and acquire used to the smell of the place. This can every now and then bring stress on them.

As your pet gets looked similar to in the field of the milieu he’s used to, he can and be present fed on the usual schedule and schedule he’s used to. He and gets the rectify amount of attention on a every day basis.

With your pet sitter advent to tell somebody to apartment calls, you can right away have the benefit of your excursion with freedom from strife of mind knowing so as to your pet is not stressed given away before being neglected. You and save manually the thought of burdening your acquaintances and private with having to look similar to your pet. A new gain to having someone approach in the field of to look similar to your pet is so as to it spirit tell somebody to your apartment look “lived in the field of.” They can pick up your every day paper, dampen your plants, bear on the illumination by night, and tell somebody to indeed the windows and doors are safe and sound once they leave. This can help dish up at the same time as a deterrent to break-ins and stealing. They can and tell somebody to indeed so as to your pet stays well-groomed at the same time as they give birth to the bathing and grooming necessities surrounded by extent in the field of your to your place.


Husky Breed Description and History

Description: The Siberian Husky is a medium sized dog, with the male dog measuring 21-23? inches in height and the female bitch being 20-22 inches, with a weight for the dog of 45-60 pounds and the bitch being between 35-50 pounds. They were originally bred as sled dogs. They are compact and strong, almost low-slung, which makes them ideal for the work they were bred to do. They have a proportionately sized head, which is approximately half skull and half muzzle, with an oval shape to the eyes of medium size being moderately spaced. They have a double coat of medium length, which is thick, and holds in the body temperature. These dogs can tolerate temperatures as low as -50 to -60? centigrade (but we probably won’t want to be the person with them at these temperatures). Their triangular shaped ears stand erect, and are set high.husky-staring
You ought to additionally take into consideration your husky puppies’ needs in place of connection. Huskies are dogs with the aim of are used to living in the sphere of packs. Lonely huskies often understand bored and resort to damage such in the same way as digging potholes in the sphere of your plot in the same way as a source of entertainment. Understand a companion in place of your husky puppy to underrate this crisis. This may well either take the form of an alternative husky puppy or else an alternative pet such in the same way as a cat. In the sphere of at all issue, socialization and interaction ought to be located introduced to your puppy by the side of a adolescent age. This would allow your husky puppy to adapt by a long shot to living with its companions. In the main, huskies are mild tempered dogs and would not arrange much attention interacting with other pets.
Regular scheduled visits to the vet are crucial to greet the vigor needs of your husky puppies. Vets provide valuable advice with regards to a extensive variety of issues such in the same way as diet and broad-spectrum vigor needs. Remember to protect your husky puppies contrary to a variety of diseases commonly found in the sphere of dogs. Additionally, regular visits to the vet provide a skillful form of insurance contrary to the occurrence of at all on the cards form of illnesses. Nearly everyone dog-related illnesses can be located by a long shot cured if detected basic.
History: The Siberian Husky breed were used as guard dogs and to herd reindeer, although probably being best known for pulling sleds. They were used by the Chukchi tribe off the eastern side of the peninsula in Siberia. It was traders who originally took these dogs to Alaska, where they used to race them. Sleds used to be raced at great speed, as the dogs are so strong with an exceptional amount of stamina. The event was very popular and became official when, in 1908; the all Alaskan sweepstakes came about, which is a 408 mile race. These dogs also have a more significant history. In 1925 Alaska suffered an epidemic of diphtheria in the town of Nome. As most of Alaska is fairly isolated, with Nome being no different, the dogs were used to bring in much-needed medicines for the residents. In World War II, due to their great endurance of weather, they were used by the military in search and rescue efforts in the Arctic. In 1930 the breed were first recognized by the AKC.

Why You Should Get A Husky As Your Family Pet

Some of the most common problems with Siberian Huskies are howling and digging.  Understand that howling is a natural form of communication in this breed and that it cannot be completely eradicated.  However excessive howling may be reduced with crate training or more exercise.

Digging is another behavior that may signal lack of exercise in Huskies.  It can also be handled through some obedience training, by training your Husky to dig in a designated spot.

Moreover, the Alaskan husky requires minimum upkeep in terms of grooming. Most people believe that the thick coat of the Alaskan husky would mean grooming sessions on a regular basis each week. In reality, this is not true. In general, Alaskan huskies require a minimal amount of maintenance which means you would rarely be required to brush them. However, they shed their coats pretty badly two times per year. During this period, special care and attention must be given, and you would need to brush them on a regular basis. This compares pretty well as compared to other dogs which require regular grooming sessions in order to maintain the upkeep of their coats of fur.

Lastly, Alaskan huskies are favored as pets as they are relatively easy to train. Training, however, is necessary under all circumstances as the Alaskan husky can get pretty willful and engage in a variety of destructive acts around the home if not trained properly. These acts include digging holes in your garden, tearing fabrics such as curtains and clawing your furniture to bits. Fortunately, as mentioned earlier, training is relatively easy. As working dogs, Alaskan huskies are relatively intelligent. Training can be done either by yourself or with the help of a professional dog trainer. In any case, training should cover a wide variety of skills such as toilet training, basic household discipline as well as social skills. Use the method of reinforcement for training your Alaskan husky in order to achieve maximum effectiveness.

In all, the reasons why you should consider getting an Alaskan husky are not limited to those mentioned above. In any case, it is essential to assess your own commitment level before making that decision to adopt an Alaskan husky. After all, adopting a dog is not only about fun and laughter, but commitment and responsibilities.