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Things To Consider Before Bringing Home a Dog

October 3, 2010

cute_puppyBefore you rush into owning a dog, here are some thing you should consider. These might help you decide on which breed of a dog you want and if you really should get a dog in the first place!

Question 1:

Who is the pet for? Or more importantly Who will look after it?… how old or capable is the owner of your new fury (or scaly/slippery) friend? If you are buying it for a child think about wether they are really going to take responsibility for feeding, walking and cleaning poops etc. If you’re a mum of a few young kids do you really need the extra work or are you quite happy to take on a few extra chores for the sake of all those extra cuddles.

Question 2:

Another thing to consider if you have kids is How long will the pet live? The age of pets vary considerably. A goldfish could only last a few years (or in my case when I was 7 … “Bob” lasted 2 days after buying him at my school fair), whereas a friend of mine has a cat that’s turning 20 this year! So I guess the question is: can you explain death to your child or are you willing to take on the responsibility when the kids move out?.

Question 3:

How much exercise and attention do they need? Some breeds of dogs while looking gorgeous require a huge amount of exercise … eg. A Siberian Husky needs over and hour running each day at least and if not taken out will destroy your backyard! Also a hairy cat such as a Persian, while they look beautiful require lots of grooming, so answer these questions honestly and you’ll choose a pet right for you and enjoy them more too. Will they be alone for long periods of time? Some animals can’t handle longs periods on their own and will become destructive if left alone. Perhaps buying 2 cats mean they’ll have each other to play with.

Question 4:

How much will they cost? Some larger breed dogs can cost more than $35 a week to feed, so consider if your budget allows for that … also factor in vaccinations, set up costs like bedding, council registration, obedience training, regular flea control, vet visits, pet insurance etc.

Question 5:

What happens when you go away on holidays? Kennel costs for cats and dogs can be a big extra cost come holiday time …or will a family member or friend be happy to baby sit.


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